Results of the poll: Social Media vs Patients (1-7 December)

In the latest poll send out by PodiatryInternational, we are researching how active podiatrists are on Social Media.

5 years ago, an article in the Footsteps magazine (International Federation of Podiatrists) was published regarding the use of social media. The article stated that “Unfamiliarity with social media in healthcare is high. The question is should you be involved in Social Media as a podiatrist.”.

Is this still true today? Let’s check out the results of the poll from PodiatryInternational:

Social media includes all online user platforms, where mutual contact and information is exchanged with each other. The advantage of social media is that it is available anytime, anyplace, anywhere to anyone. Different platforms are available for a variety of purposes, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

Website of course my dear

Having a website today is a must for podiatrists. All respondents have answered positively to the question if they possessed a website. Moreover, all respondents are active on social media. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the kings regarding the use of social media. Instagram isn’t yet used by all the respondents. According to Statista, the breakdown of demographics by age include: 75% of 18–24 years old use Instagram. This might be an explanation regarding the use of Instagram by podiatrists.

What with paid advertising?

Social media is rather a tool for communication than promotion as all respondents reacted negatively to the question if there has been an increase in patients’ appointments since the use of social media.

None of the respondents have used social media to promote their practice online through paid advertisement. This makes sense as many codes of ethics deny the use of paid advertisement in the case of a healthcare professional.

And what’s up for the future? Let’s reconnect in 5 years and see how this evolved!

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