Running shoes increase Achilles tendon load in walking

On 6 February 2021, Simon Bartold will be presenting at the next PodoSymposium “Lessons from the literature, When research gets it wrong”. He will discuss this study that we are happy to share with you.

Accoring to Simon Bartold: This is a very interesting study as it looks at the effect of footwear and heel elevation on tensile load in the Achilles tendon during treadmill walking. It is basically trying to establish whether elevation will take the load off the Achilles tendon or not, and how you might apply that to clinical practice.

Abstract background: Footwear remains a prime candidate for the prevention and rehabilitation of Achilles tendinopathy because it is thought to decrease tension in the tendon through elevation of the heel. However, evidence for this effect is equivocal.

Enjoy the reading đŸ™‚

Picture van Csaba Nagy via Pixabay

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