Results of poll around jobs and website (27 Oct.)

At PodiatryInternational we wish to have a better idea of the work situation of the professionals. Through weekly polls, we are questioning the podiatrists and foot care practitioners on various subjects. In the last weeks, we have been looking at job opportunities and the daily news practitioners would like to discover on our news website.

poll results

Some of the findings

We were impressed by the number of Podiatrists that wish to work abroad. We know that having work experience outside your country is a very fulfilling activity. Podiatry and foot care is practised in a very different way globally, from surgery to activities without blood effusion, from custom made orthotics or 3D printing to off the shell. Many professionals are looking across their country boundaries to news techniques and skill and knowledge.

Job websites and word-of-mouth

Dedicated job websites are by far the most used platform to look for job vacancies or to post a job. Also, word of mouth takes an important rank in searching for a new job. This is definitely a trustful source and there is research available that discusses the characteristics of word-of-mouth as a recruitment source.  Models propose that characteristics of the recipient (e.g., personality), source (e.g., expertise), and organization (e.g., employer brand) can determine the use of word-of-mouth as a recruitment source as well as moderate its effects.

Published papers or social media

Following the poll regarding the main information source on new development (fe. R&D, new projects, innovation) in the industry, both published papers and social media are used equally. It is an important finding as it confirms the importance of social media to reach professionals on new projects and innovation. At PodiatryInternational we are conscious about this and are actively using the available social media channels to reach globally. From the poll we learned that Facebook is still the king when it comes to the most used social platform where colleagues connect with each other.

Podiatric dermatology, biomechanics and sports medicine – the most wanted subjects

We know that professionals in foot care are very open-minded and eager to learn. Biomechanics, dermatology, foot orthotics, and diabetic foot come out as the main subject that the poll respondents are interested in! On 14 November World Diabetes Day will be celebrated globally. A perfect opportunity for PodiatryInternational to focus on the diabetic foot in company with IDF’s President Andrew Bolton and D-Foot International President Jose-Luis Lazaro Martinez 😊

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