PRESSRELEASE – 08 October 2020 – Launch of

“Launch of an innovative daily news site that connects the world of podiatry and foot care”

Brussels, 8 October 2020

PodiatryInternational is exited to announce the launch of a dedicated news website for podiatry and foot care specialists. Together with a forum to connect and an innovative job platform for podiatry jobs and internships globally, PodiatryInternational will revolutionize the world of foot care.

Thanks to my collaboration with the most valued and educated professionals within the world of podiatry & foot care, I have gathered over 5 years of experience & knowledge developing and building the podiatry & foot care profession.“, explains Caroline Teugels, former Executive Director of the International Federation of Podiatrists and initiator of PodiatryInternational. “I have developed a passion for podiatry and I desire to further inspire with my passion to grow and broaden the awareness of the profession across the greater global community.“.

PodiatryInternational, develops an avenue to the most respected and extensive resources in foot care, to ensure all have access to the latest techniques and products. With more than 100,000 dedicated and active podiatrists and with over 1 million foot care professionals working around the world, the industry touches a wide range of professionals globally and has over 14 billion feet to support and care for.

PodiatryInternational will support and promote these dedicated podiatrists and foot care professionals to grow & advance their practices and businesses, through increasing awareness of the profession, developing greater global access to new advances & technology within the profession and continuous connection to the profession globally through the forum.

The main news website will gather news from all over the globe regarding research, new technologies, statements and initiatives in the world of foot care and podiatry and connects the practitioners through a forum. The intention is to collect the information available locally and spread it globally. The website wants to become the reference platform on what happens in the world of feet!

This to make sure that all are aware of what is happening globally so that no information is missed that can advance the profession locally. “During my 5 years at the FIP-IFP, I realized if you aren’t connected to the right persons on social media, you aren’t aware of new initiatives or advances in research. Moreover, I met a lot of students and practitioners that were very interested to work abroad but unfortunately didn’t know where to look for information on regulation and licensing.”, explains Caroline. This is a gap that PodiatryInternational and the dedicated will close in collaboration with the podiatric and foot care community and industry.

I am proud that PodiatryInternational is associated with the profession and that I can continue supporting the development and growth of the profession to achieve the goals and heights it deserves.” continues Caroline. “Our commitment to you is simple: we’ll work tirelessly to advance the profession for the benefit of those with foot and ankle ailments.”. and will be launched on International Podiatry Day, the most important day for the podiatric community worldwide. The news site and job platform offers advertisement and sponsoring opportunities for the companies and distributors active in the profession.

Contact: +32 495 22 44 31 for more information

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