Here you will find an overview of all the articles/research:

June 28, 2021Are Outcomes After Total Ankle Replacement Similar In Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis And Osteoarthritis?
June 21, 2021Which Repair Technique Is Superior For Acute Achilles Tendon Ruptures In Athletes?
June 15, 2021A comparison of thermographic characteristics of the hands and wrists of rheumatoid arthritis patients and healthy controls
May 31, 2021Diabetic foot ulcer incidence and survival with improved diabetic foot services: an 18-year study
May 25, 2021Keys To Addressing Forefoot Plantar Ulcerations
May 10, 2021Current Insights And Recommendations For Tourniquet Use In Foot And Ankle Surgery – Part 3: Recommendations
May 3, 2021Current Insights And Recommendations For Tourniquet Use In Foot And Ankle Surgery – Part 2: Potential Complications
April 26, 2021Diagnostic Accuracy of Bone Culture Versus Biopsy in Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis
April 19, 2021Current Insights And Recommendations For Tourniquet Use In Foot And Ankle Surgery – Part 1: Indications And Precautions
April 12, 2021Diabetic foot (DF) is worse: a survey on patients’ perception of a telemedicine service for DF during lockdown
April 5, 2021The biopsychosocial-digital continuum of foot orthosis practice and research: the VALUATOR model
March 29, 2021Medical vs Surgical Treatment for the Management of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis: A Systematic Review
March 22, 2021Lower extremity joint kinematics and kinetics as recreational runners achieve faster speeds
March 7, 2021The role of non-medicated dressings for the management of wound infection
March 7, 2021The Quality Analysis of Hallux Valgus Videos on YouTube – Feb 2021
February 23, 2021Prospective, Single-center, Open-label, Pilot Study Using Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue Containing Viable Cells in the Treatment of Complex Acute and Chronic Wounds.
February 17, 2021Interview in the MEDICAL BUSINESS magazine with CEO – Caroline Teugels
February 15, 2021All Feet On Deck—The Role of Podiatry During the COVID-19 Pandemic
January 25, 2021Cellular Proliferation, Dermal Repair, and Microbiological Effectiveness of Ultrasound-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW) Versus Standard Wound Treatment in Complicated Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU)
January 18, 2021Technology-enabled remote management of diabetes foot disease and potential for reduction in associated health costs: a pilot study
January 11, 2021Teeter-totter effect: a new mechanism to understand shoe-related improvements in long-distance running
January 4, 2021Cigarettes Have a Negative Effect on Wound Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers – meta-analysis of 18 studies
December 21, 2020Running shoes increase Achilles tendon load in walking
December 14, 2020Diabetes-related Amputations: A Pandemic within a Pandemic
December 8, 2020Results of the poll: Social Media vs Patients (1-7 December)
December 7, 2020New research: Experiences of foot health in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a qualitative study
November 30, 2020Results of poll around the impact of practice in biomechanics
November 30, 2020The lateral fibulotalocalcaneal ligament complex: an ankle stabilizing isometric structure
November 23, 2020Saving the Diabetic Foot During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Tale of Two Cities
November 17, 2020Results of poll around the impact of COVID-19 on your work
November 16, 2020Research (period up to 15 January 2020) on lower extremity health in patients with multiple sclerosis
November 14, 2020PodiatryInternational celebrates World Diabetes Day – 14 Nov. 2020
November 12, 2020Interview with D-Foot International’s President Jose-Luis Lazaro Martinez
November 10, 2020Results of poll around jobs and website (27 Oct.)
November 9, 20205 year mortality for people with diabetic foot complications comparable to cancer
November 4, 2020Interview with Minna Stolt regarding the research on foot health promotion programme on nurses’ foot self-care
October 29, 2020Development and testing of a new electronic foot health promotion programme on nurses’ foot self-care (1 month study)
October 26, 2020Custom insoles versus sham and GP-led usual care in patients with plantar heel pain
October 21, 2020Apples and foot care – what’s the link? (21 Oct. International Apple Day)
October 20, 2020Empowering patients living with type 2 diabetes mellitus to cease smoking will improve lower limb perfusion
October 19, 2020Differences in the Sub-Metatarsal Fat Pad Atrophy Symptoms between Patients with Metatarsal Head Resection and Those without Metatarsal Head Resection
October 14, 2020Eliminate preventable amputations over the next generation. This is how we do it!
October 13, 2020Role of skin repair in treating skin conditions
October 12, 2020ENPODHE Board offers free education
October 8, 2020PRESSRELEASE – 08 October 2020 – Launch of
October 8, 2020Celebrate International Podiatry Day on October 8
October 2, 2020WUWHS position statement on the diabetic foot
October 2, 2020Double VEGF/HGF gene therapy in critical limb ischemia complicated by diabetes mellitus
October 2, 2020What the latest research reveals about plantar tissue stiffness in patients with diabetes
October 2, 2020Diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care fluorescence imaging for the detection of bacterial burden in wounds
October 2, 2020Pooled mortality rates following below knee amputation

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