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Medical Business

The MEDICAL BUSINESS, a Romanian journal brings you now online the latest information on health and healthcare.

Medical Business had an interview with CEO Caroline Teugels, which you’ll have a sneak peak at it below:

What can you tell me about

What we need today is a very strong foot-care community.

The idea to create PodiatryInternational as a reference platform for podiatrists and foot-care specialists was to create and co-create a community of high-level and highly trained foot-care specialists.

Today we should not talk about how it is important to have podiatrists as part of your health care system, the research has been done and has proved the importance of podiatry on a human and economical level. What we need today is a very strong podiatric profession where podiatrists can join, can talk, can share expertise.

What is your commitment?

We at PodiatryInternational are convinced that if you want to advance podiatry and foot care at a local level you need to have a strong global community.

What is your experience in relation to the diabetic foot and podiatry?

During my 5 years as Executive Director of the International Federation of Podiatrists, I realized that if you are not connected to the right people on social media, you are not aware of new initiatives or advances in research. [Read More]

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