Diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care fluorescence imaging for the detection of bacterial burden in wounds

This excellent work from Le and coworkers strongly suggests that using a point of care diagnostic device (Moleculight) can identify elevated bacterial load and influence medical decision making.


High bacterial load contributes to chronicity of wounds and is diagnosed based on assessment of clinical signs and symptoms (CSS) of infection, but these characteristics are poor predictors of bacterial burden. Point-of-care fluorescence imaging (FL) can improve identification of wounds with high bacterial burden (>10<sup>4</sup> CFU/g). FL detects bacteria, whether planktonic or in biofilm, but does not distinguish between the two. In this study, diagnostic accuracy of FL was compared to CSS during routine wound assessment. Post-assessment, clinicians were surveyed to assess impact of FL on treatment plan.

Source: https://diabeticfootonline.com/
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