Interview with D-Foot International’s President Jose-Luis Lazaro Martinez

D-Foot International’s President Jose-Luis Lazaro Martinez celebrating Diabetic Foot Awareness Month. It’s main objective is doing activities to make noise about diabetic foot. #diabetes #dfootinternational #diabeticfoot #podiatryint

D-Foot International

The beginning of everything is when people start to claim”

Dr Lazaro Martinez explains that there are two main gaps in the diabetic foot. The first is primary prevention. This is the main gap in the prevention of the very first ulcer because this is the beginning of everything.
The second important gap is secondary prevention, the foot in reminission.

Prevention means taking time: “sitting with your patient and educate him on how you have to choose your shoes, how you can check your feet daily. We need to invest more investigation and effort in prevention”. Listen to the interview of D-Foot International President, José Luis Lazaro Martinez, here!

In celebration of Word Diabetes Day, we also had an interview with Dr. Boulton – president of the International Federation of Diabetes. Click here.

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