Results of poll around the impact of practice in biomechanics

Biomecanics is an important part of the education and work of the podiatrist. At PodiatryInternational we would like to what is the current state of play regarding biomechanics in podiatry.

Digital is the way forward

Digital is definitely for the respondents their preferred method of foot measurement for orthotics. On a smaller scale, this is followed by foam. Measurements using plaster seem not so much in use more following the feedback PodiatryInternational received on the poll.

75% of the respondents replied positively to the question of using 3D technology for orthotics (3D printing). This is an impressive number and lays also the way open for the future. Potentially if podiatrists don’t focus on their essential value – diagnostic and patient support, podiatrists might become overtaken by new technology but at this point in time, the respondents are confident that the podiatric profession is essential.

New technology to support the advancement of the profession

Technology is an important added value to the work of the podiatrist in biomechanics. As it is for the majority of the respondents. More dan 85% are interested/looking for new technology regarding biomechanics in general.

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